Caribbean Vacation!

This is one of the assignments I was most excited about for when it comes to ds106: ‘Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest’. First and foremost, I have a Pinterest addiction, and second of all, I love to travel (especially to tropical places), so this assignment was a perfect combination of the two. My dream vacation is to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica, and I am hoping that this will be my future honeymoon trip. You pay one price based on your level and room, and it includes all drinks and food for free, as well as a variety of other activities on the resort. I’ve done a lot of research, and the resort I am looking at is Sandal’s Montego Bay: it has the longest private beach in the country, and I am all about a big and great beach. I also really like that it is only ten minutes from the airport; I would rather deal with a little noise from airplanes than have to travel a few hours to get to a resort. I’ll still be able to go on excursions outside the resort to see the real Jamaica without having to be in a car for so long. The resort also offers a wide array of restaurants to choose from for meals based on your mood and craving.

My dream room on the resort is Beachfront Honeymoon Suits on the club level (which includes 24 hour room service and free Wi-Fi). It is right on the beach, which I love, and is also a ways away from most of the main bars and restaurants which means it will be more quiet. Furthermore, if we wanted to do something a little different, we could travel to two other Sandal’s resorts on the bay to eat or check out their beaches. The Royal Caribbean has a private island that I really wanted to see, and the small Carlyle lets you see more of the real Jamaica.

I think this dream vacation can definitely happen. The total cost for this would be $5, 276.71, which includes airfare, but not the excursions they offer. My boyfriend and I went on a Segway tour in Florida this last May and loved it, so I thought doing the $138 per person Segway Jamaica tour would be perfect for us. I also really want to go see Dunn’s falls and other scenic areas in remote Jamaica. One night I’d also really like to pay to do a romantic dinner for two on the beach (I know I know, I’m a hopeless romantic).

I really hope that this trip will be possible someday, and I think it definitely could be if we work hard on saving up and pay it off slowly. If you want you can look at my Caribbean vacation board!

Pinterest Board


2 thoughts on “Caribbean Vacation!

  1. This sounds like a wonderful vacation, Keeya! I went on a vacation to Turks and Caicos (island near Jamaica) a couple years ago and it was absolutely beautiful…and a blast! I hope this dream vacation is a dream that comes true for you! And awesome job planning this out!

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