The way it should’ve been…

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For my next assignment under ds106, I chose to do the Fanfic assignment ‘The Way it Should’ve Been’. You just have to take a piece of your favorite book, movie, or T.V. show and write what you wish would have happened different in it.


Thus, in honor of the final installment of The Hunger Games series coming out this weekend, I decided to write about the one thing I wish Suzanne Collins would have changed (not that I love the books any less, they’re still my favorite): I wish Finnick Odair wouldn’t have died. Annie was pregnant and was left all alone to raise their son.

I cried. Don’t judge.

Anyways, that whole deal in the sewers was a mess for everyone. Just for reference, Messalla, Leeg 1, Jackson, Homes, Castor, and Finnick all perished by various horrors: A meat grinder, some sort of skin melting beam, and mutant lizard type creatures.

Rather than dying in that mess, it would have been fantastic if Finnick had made it out with the other five. I do think Finnick’s death was the final piece in Katniss breaking down and blaming herself for every death (I mean she watched one of her best friends die), but I still think the loss of the others would have still been heavy on Katniss’s heart (especially with sweet Pollux grieving for his brother); I really don’t think his survival would have thrown the book in a totally different direction.

Furthermore, had Finnick made it out, I don’t believe that he would have stayed behind with Cressida, Pollux, and Peeta at Tigris’s shop; he would have wanted to get in on the action and make sure that Katniss made it out alive. I really do believe that was one of his main goals throughout his presence in the series, it was all about keeping her alive to keep the Revolution going, and because she was his good friend.

After all was said and done, Finnick probably would have been a major supporter of Katniss after Prim was killed (also terrible, but I think it needed to happen, I think like an author in that sense). Also, like Annie said at the vote for another Hunger Games, Finnick would have definitely voted no, and probably would have gone to visit Katniss after she assassinated Coin and made some smart remarks in true Finnick fashion.

When everyone was finally allowed to go home, Finnick and Annie defintiley would have returned to District Four to raise their son by the ocean, just as they grew up. With of course, occasional trips to visit the Mellark family.

I know, I know very wishful thinking. As a writer myself, I know every character’s death plays a significant role in the story, but Finnick was my favorite character, and his death to me was the worst.

If only I could change the story….


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