The Holocaust Still Matters

I am so pumped!

I hit the ¾ mark in my novel. I have been working towards this for a long time, and for a while I felt like I would never reach it. I am so close to finishing the first draft, and it makes me so excited. Then the editing process will begin, which is a whole other adventure in and of itself. But it’s one step closer to making a dream a reality.

However, this weekend I also saw some comments that set a nerve with me. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson made the claim that if the Jewish people in Europe had access to guns, the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened. I support the right to own guns, but Carson’s comments are poorly considered. I study Nazi Germany and the Holocaust in depth for many reasons. One, I try to find out why something so awful and so horrible for happened, I know I will never find answers for such evil acts like that, but I keep looking anyways. Second, I study it because I don’t anyone to ever forget the tragedies that happened. The 11 million people that died in those horrors deserve to be remembered and honored.

Thus, Carson’s comments are completely insensitive. For one, the moment Hitler came to power, everyone in that country lost every single right they had. Furthermore, oppression was enforced by groups like the Gestapo and SS, ensuring that anyone who wouldn’t go down without a fight would be eliminated. When Hitler gained power, an awful fate was sealed. Ben Carson is right; had people had access to guns maybe it could have been stopped. But that is not logical, nor possible, for the type of power Nazi Germany enforced. Everything was done systematically to carry out their goals. Nothing could stop the horrors, and making claims that something could have just to gain the popularity among supporters of guns is an absolute disgrace to the victims that lost their lives. Bringing up what-ifs or so-called solutions is not what the world needs regarding the Holocaust, what we do need to do is make sure that we never forget what happened, and mean it when we say ‘never again.’

That is why I write what I write, to preserve the memory of those lost. It’s not pretty; it reveals the true horror of human nature. But nothing about the Holocaust is ‘pretty’ 11 million people were systematically murdered for supposed “racial hygiene.” I refuse to let people forget that, or just say ‘okay’ when someone makes unjust claims of why it happened.

The victims deserve so much more than that.


2 thoughts on “The Holocaust Still Matters

  1. Ali Meyer

    Wow Keeya! First off, I have to say congratulations on getting so far in your novel! I’m actually doing the opposite of you, which is kind of weird. I’m editing the large portion I’ve had done, then I’m finishing my first draft. Anyway, I love your oppositional viewpoint against Carson. It’s very obvious that this is something you’re passionate about, and I love that about you! Good job Keeya!


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